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This is going to be my first attempt at translating. I'm going to try to listen to the lyrics first and compare them to the official lyrics to practice listening. I know that part will take me a little while to get the hang of so there will be lots of mistakes lol. Next I'll try to make my own translation and compare to others'.


Lyrics that I heard
Jibun wo sekai sea mo kaete shimae sou maa
shuunan kuna itsumo sugu soba ni
kakushiuinatachi wo tachi tsutsuku jibun wo mitsume
mayoi nakana nayami nakana kuyami nagana kimeraba ii
kimi ga kureba kotoba hitotsu tomado iwa kiesai
karada da boku no hikari ga sashita
miyagata hora sora wo aoku subikitteyuku tobashita manokiraku noto kimeta
jubun wo sekai sae mo kaetteshimae sou na
shuukan wo kanjiru ima koko ni

Actual lyrics
Jibun o Sekai sae mo Kaete shimaesou na
Shunkan wa Itsumo sugu soba ni…
Kakusenu iradachi to Tachitsukusu jibun o Mitsume
Mayoinagara Nayaminagara Kuyaminagara Kimereba ii sa
Kimi ga kureta kotoba hitotsu Tomadoi wa kiesari
Karappo datta Boku no heya ni Hikari ga sashita
Miageta oozora ga Aoku sumikitte yuku
Tozashita Mado o Hiraku koto o kimeta
Jibun o Sekai sae mo Kaete shimaesou na
Shunkan wo kanjiru ima koko ni

My Translation
The moment when I can change myself and even the world is always close by
I stare at my irritation and still self
While I'm lost, While I'm troubled, While I'm regretting I need to decide
The one word you gave me has vanished and left me lost
Light came into my room that was hollow
I look up at the sky that's serenely blue
I closed the window on my grief and choose the light
The moment when I can change myself and even the world , I feel it is right here.

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